Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Week 2

An inspiring conversation was had today over tea in Chew Magna discussing week one's passages. I'll try and jot down some of the key issues we were deliberating and theologising over but in the meantime here are week two's readings:

Genesis 5:28-29        
Ecclesiastes 9:7-10          

Job 7:1-10

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  1. Our reflections tonight on these rather bleak passages asked the questions-

    In what way was Noah rest or comfort to his father? Was his name a retrospective about his role in going some way to restoring creation (note Noah's affinity with animals- a refreshing of Adam's naming of them?) or does family itself make toil easier to tolerate or more rewarding? The passage from Job, where his children have been taken from him, would seem to reverse this circumstance. His toil is unbearable because he no longer has family.

    In what way does 'job satisfaction' denote a correct path or work attitude? How (if at all) should Christians withdraw from structures of established work/organisations and start something afresh? Is the bleak view of 'make the best of what you have, the future is nothingness' prevailant in the UK's society today and how does the outlook differ between those working and unemployed? Is an eschatology which treats heavenly eternity as something to look forward to rather than a sense of the kingdom being present now preventing Christians from engaging with the assumed neccesity of work?