Sunday, 2 September 2012

Just what is this "What is this work thing?" thing?

This is a blog designed to follow a course of weekly Bible readings and reflectins exploring the theological nature of 'work'. In our western society work has a tendency to occupy most of our lives... even if we are among the many who have no work. Is what we understand by 'work' (a means of financial stability, social status, definition of self, occupation for 60-80% of the week, security...) really what it was meant to be? How are we to understand a society which is supprting a huge population of the unemployed but is doing little to empower people to find their own means of survival? Should we be looking at an idea of 'sutainance and service' to discern the worth of work? Should our work be more communal? Should our work be less permanent? How can we work with different talents rather than trying to fit people into boxes and value gifts as equal rather than hierarchical? How does our eductaion system fit into the problem? How can we practically begin to change things from the grass roots?

Please feel free to follow along and contribute to the discussions, whoever you are and whatever you think. The aim is ultimately to attempt some kind of paper at the end of the year and to begin to form a community who look at work through the lens of its original purpose in God's creation. First set of readings will be up shortly.

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